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Thor Storm, Duke of Asebe'ia Thunar, Earl of Thunormore, Lord of Wenport and Stormhold, Harbinger of Storms, First Among Stormborn.
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“You can sit there all day, it won’t grow any faster”.

Hhis mother had never entertained his hobbies. To think she’d begin to any time soon was nothing short of quixotic. But Gekon didn’t mind. He’d sit on the same crumbling boulder as he always did, and stare at those peas until they were persuaded to grow, if he had to. There was nothing else to do anyway, and peas could be unthinkably stubborn. That year had been a particularly difficult one for a novice herbalist so far; Gekon’s rather rebellious pet Conifer rat had already managed to eat every single flower bud in the garden. His mother’s recipes had all threatened to incorporate Conifer rat meat the very same day and the munching menace had disappeared ever since. On top of that, it was as if every last drop of hydration had been sapped from the soils that now appeared a hopeless grey under the everlasting sun. The wheat, tomatoes and carrots had all perished; it was almost a certainty that these peas would not enjoy any other fate.


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Iit has been a while since the last King’s Tournament was held, but lo and behold! Albeit no date has been set yet, our glorious King Dragor has decreed that new tournaments are to be held. So train your mounts and sharpen your blades, because the warbands are to meet on the battlefield once again. Gold and glory to the victors!

Tterra Magna, EU’s only fine arts guild, is now taking a limited number of pre-game commissions that will be completed upon exposition or game launch depending on request. The guild specialises in high-value artworks in the fields of glassware, jewelry, tailoring, artistry and floral artistry. Item quality is fashioned to noble and aristocratic use, and as such, Terra Magna has received numerous commissions already, from counts, dukes, and religious figureheads within Nirath. Please contact Terra Magna on their private Discord for consultation here:

Aas our kingdom continues to grow and expand we’ve seen an influx of  new citizens from all over the world, but none quite as noticeably as our Spanish members. They continue to be an important part of our community and make up a large proportion of our population.

As is Dragor’s wish, Nirath is continuously being shaped to benefit everyone that wishes to settle within it, and nothing exemplifies that ethos more than the development of what has become an entirely Spanish community within our own.

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