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While the reduction of the complexities of Nirathii politics into broad strokes does a great disservice to both the Court and the nobles and aristocrats that constitute it, this broad stroke method does allow outsiders to glimpse at least partially the actions of those who determine at least in part the direction of Nirath. This Herald’s Guide is a politically neutral guide intended for those outside the Court so that they can understand the issues currently under debate in court and the factions that are beginning to form in Nirath’s political sphere

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With the shocking news of recent days that the former Jewel of Nirath, the shining Duchy of Usifan, has, with the blessings of the Divine King, decided to separate itself from our glorious kingdom and seek its own way as a sovereign nation in its own right, many have been questioning what this means for them, their families, and Nirath as a whole going forward. To enlighten our readers the Herald has put together this simple Herald’s Guide to the issues.

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In recent days many rumours have begun to circulate regarding the likely secession of the Grand Duchy of Usifan from Nirath. Usifan has always been the largest, and most powerful of the duchies within Nirath, with many likening it in size and majesty to a kingdom all of its own. Well, folks, it seems that the fears of the unionists and dreams of the successionists have come true. Today at four bells past midday the King Regent Rhaegys Audran threw open the Great Hall of Nirath proclaiming to the assembled crowd “Let it be known that our dear Duke Usifan is to be addressed as King from now on. The Kingdom of Nirath is sad to see him go but it wishes the King Usifan. As our brother Kingdom, we will work and stand strong together. All hail King Dragor and King Usifan.”  After a short period of stunned silence, the assembled crowd began to chatter excitedly, some declaring their support for an independent duchy and some regarding the idea as a threat to Nirath. In Court, the Dukes and Courtiers were less shocked, turning instead to the business of governance. While the Great Hall echoed with debates on who would …

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Those assembled stood at attention in the grand hall, awaiting the arrival of Duke Usifan, who had called his loyal subjects to him before he traveled to advise King Dragor on matter of national interest. 

A sudden rustle at the side of the room attracted the attention of all within. Duke Usifan, accompanied by his personal guard, appeared, clad in his official armor and on his shoulder was fastened the pin of his CoA.

Mmy dearest people, loyal subjects and friends,

We, Al-Qaum, value our land, the fertility of the soil and the bounty of the seas and river. We are blessed by the Light and are loyal to Daemon and have been blessed accordingly.

I am summoned to the capital of our liege lord, King Dragor of Nirath, whose bounty has been shared by all Dilmunia. We have benefitted from his gifts of bread and water when we swore allegiance, and by the peace and prosperity that followed. Who amongst us here has not seen his or her fortune increase these past years?”

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Aas our kingdom continues to grow and expand we’ve seen an influx of  new citizens from all over the world, but none quite as noticeably as our Spanish members. They continue to be an important part of our community and make up a large proportion of our population.

As is Dragor’s wish, Nirath is continuously being shaped to benefit everyone that wishes to settle within it, and nothing exemplifies that ethos more than the development of what has become an entirely Spanish community within our own.

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