Tto all nobles and Aristocrats of the Kingdom, from Ariadna of the House Montcada, Countess of Tarsis.

Because of the compilation of the rich and marvelous history of the kingdom of Nirath, its domains and families, I , Ariadna Montcada, humbly request to all Lords, Sires and Ladies of the kingdom to share with me their stories, myths and legends in addition to their domains records to bring them together in the Chronicles of Nirath, which are meant to gather all the past deeds of the lands, families and organizations in a single group of books with the intention to make easier to know our own past and our neighbours.

To achieve that, I beg you all to send me the information or to contact with me to gather it myself.

Given in the city of Tarsis,

Ariadna Montcada


The “Chronicles of Nirath is a project” which tries to gather the background of all the cities, strongholds, counties, duchies, and noble (and aristocratic) families, to compile it all in a single series of books meant to make easier for everyone to know who is who in Nirath (In Character), which lands are there and the history of the kingdom, and for newcomers allowing them to know where they want to settle themselves and which are the most notable families of the kingdom.

To do this, all the nobles and aristocrats interested in the Chronicles can share the information with @Daedhel#8129 on discord.

Once some houses and lands have been included, they will be published on the Royal Herald as “House of the week” and “Nirath journeys: Lands of the kingdom”, also the organizations will have their posts.