Today in Nirath we reached a significant milestone in our growth as a kingdom. 500 members have now registered on our census, while this is low compared to the probable thousands of players and NPCs that will inhabit our kingdom post launch it shows a significant growth over the two years that Nirath has run its census. As a special commemoration of this achievement, I present to you the 500th member and the first in our new series of community profiles:

Member: Notail

Rank: Citizen

Package: Beastmaster

Elyrian Since: August 2016

Q: What attracted you to Nirath?

A: Well I have been around since the 29th of August 2016 and seen a lot of kingdoms, counties and villages rise. So making a choice was pretty hard. But well Nirath focuses on individual progression which I find important and the fact that it isn’t micromanaging what I should do and that I have the freedom to decide where I want to go in the world of CoE.

Q:  Now that you’ve chosen Nirath have you thought about the gameplay styles that you’d like to see both as a citizen and from your nobility?

A: As a citizen, I would personally want to try to put my focus on a skill I would like to learn and perfect as far as I can (blacksmithing). From the nobility well we live and their kingdom so a bit of protection when necessary would be nice but for the rest let them be free to decide their own life and what they wish to see as long and they aren’t deciding what I should do with mine (aside from basic laws and taxes of course). It’s all good for me.

Q: You’ve said you’ve been an Elyrian since August of two years ago, what made you decide on a kingdom now? As compared to waiting for Land Selection or even launch?

A: One of the reasons was the community event of the Searing Plague. It made me realise that we are all jumping into a pretty unknown world, and we can all use the help we can get . So I decided to look for a kingdom which felt comfortable with how I wanted to tackle this world which is how I came to Nirath.

Q:  Now that you’re a part of Nirath have you thought of which subcommunities you’d be interested in joining? If so (and if you’ve already joined a sub-community) what attracts you to a sub-community (like a settlement, guild, county etc) and what do you look for when looking for a settlement or county?

A: I haven’t a joined a sub-community yet I will look into them after this interview, I personally will look if there is a guild for blacksmiths. Like were can exchange techniques or other secrets we found out to all help each other get better and grow in our profession. For settlements and other places to live, I haven’t really thought much about it yet.


So there you have it – a profile of our 500th member Notail. I hope you enjoyed this little community profile and look forward to more coming soon.