It has been my honour to be asked to present for this years Nirath Day both the Strategists Crown and Bard’s Crown. I have thought long and hard about what formats these competitions should take and what themes should be explored and in the end, have decided on a methodology for both that is equitable to all classes of society.

The Bard’s Crown

For this event, competitors must submit by May the 18th an original musical composition either lyrical or instrumental to myself (via Discord PM) based around a central theme. This theme will be Nirathii Patriotism. Works submitted that are plagiarised or do not match the theme will be disqualified, though we will accept original lyrical adaptations of existing songs. Submissions must be in the format of either Mp3s, Mp4s or YouTube links. Submissions in an invalid format will be disqualified, submissions that cannot be played on either Windows Media Player or VLC player will also be disqualified. The top three works will be played on the Herald’s YouTube channel and will be selected by a panel of three judges to be announced on the 19th of May. I wish all those intending to enter this competition the best of luck and I look forward to listening to your compositions.


The Strategists Crown

For this event, competitors must submit their intention to participate to me by May the 18th (via Discord PM). On the 20th of May at around 1400hrs (UK time), competitors will be invited to take part in a game of Crusader Kings II whereupon they will be assigned a county within the Kingdom of France. Each competitor will have five minutes to set up their characters and then the game will begin with myself taking the role of spectator. The game will be streamed live on the Herald’s YouTube channel in order to allow the populace of Nirath to cheer on their strategists.

Once the game has begun competitors will have four hours to attempt to accumulate as much dynasty score as possible. There are some conditions to this, however, since we are testing how well our competitors can further both their dynasty’s interests and the interests of the kingdom as a whole. To this end, the ruling dynasty of the nation must survive for the full four hours or penalties will be applied to all competitors. The nation may not lose any land during the full four hours or penalties will be applied to all competitors. The competitors will be set objectives every hour which will range from political reform to border expansion these may be personal or they may be cooperative but they must be completed or else penalties will be applied. I won’t wish the strategists luck because the good ones won’t need it, instead, I shall see you on the field and may the best of you win.



All Hail Nirath, All Hail Dragor.