Quick tips when writing posts

First of all you should get to know the different shortcodes and options. Try it out, test it. That’s how you learn.


Select the letter you wish to have as a dropcap > click the “select shortcode” button and select “dropcap”. Tadaa! Note: The letters J and U do not have dropcaps!

Adding “continue reading”

This is very important that you add to all posts!

Move the marker between two paragraphs and click the “insert Read More tag” button. Everything above that line will be shown on the frontpage. Shouldn’t be too much text!

Choosing category

Remember to pick a category before publishing! This should NOT be “uncategorized” and you should not make a new category without consulting the Royal Council first.

  • Adverts: For articles about buying, selling or needing something. E.g. “Thunormore needs 100 wood for Wenport”.
  • Events: For articles about upcoming events
  • King’s Journal: For King Dragor only.
  • Lore: Everything that has to do with Nirathi lore, background stories, roleplay stories etc.
  • News: Plain old news articles about stuff that happens in Nirath
  • Royal Edicts: Announcements from the Royal Council.

Post options

Below the editor there’s a box with some options. Standard options we prefer to use is:

  • Layout: Medium image
  • Display excerpt or content: content
  • Blog thumbnail position: left
  • Blog thumbnail crop: yes