Greetings, Nirathii!

Ii believe today you are in luck, (not really, just Thor hounding my arse) because I will be making a second post! I am sure you are like… whaaat a second post in one day?! Yep, I know!

This time I will be talking about my dream, and not in the sense of a glorious life goal kind of dream, but a dream that seems to be quite achievable, especially with your help, my beloved citizens, honest to god peasants, frisky nobles and evil Dukes. But before we do that, I’ll have to address a few things. I do understand there is a lack of information in the matters of structure of the kingdom, lack of named branches, and what do we stand for? Well, this post might just tell you what we do actually stand for, I at least hope so, because it’s more of dotting a journal than clarifying anything, but then again there is some sort of a purpose behind this lack of information, or some which might even call lack of plans. So here goes nothing!

note: This might get cheesy at some points! Also the next 2-3 paragraphs are totally skippable!

Ah… Elyria! A magical word, if I so say myself. It is the manifestation of dreams, for many of us gamers. Since the ancient times of UO, Everquest, SWG, Vanilla Warcraft, or whatever first MMO that you have touched, and brought magic into your life. Now? That magic is gone, and is simply replaced with rehashed ideas, more of the same for years and years, MMO after MMO. Many tried to break this curse, but none succeeded to this day, yet here we are still struggling to find a place to call home, once more and even perhaps for the last time, most of us are still longing for something that is now a distant memory. But then, you are not here to hear about this same old ramblings of nostalgia, that you have heard over and over for years.

Nope, you are here to hear about Elyria! (And hopefully my dream) Yes, Chronicles of Elyria, Behold! What desires and dreams, fantasies that long were buried have this game brought back to life! I mean I am obviously excited, and I know you are too! But with that, came the horrible, horrible, Did I say horrible? Yes, this horrible game of waiting (18 months and counting!). Some of you have just freshly arrived, I for one have already been waiting since last year, and when I brought myself to finally join the community on the forums and IRC, which is something I haven’t done for about 10 years. (I am looking at you Mortal Online/ Warhammer!) i’ve found many like minded gamers, that are all just waiting for this to arrive, hoping and praying that It will succeed. We spent many nights just fantasizing about the day we enter Elyria, we still do, but at least now we have some amazing stuff to look at, from videos, screenshots and artwork, which is absolutely amazing!

So spending all that time on IRC/Forums, has obviously brought many thoughts into my mind, and many people have jumped ahead and started creating their guilds, organizations, kingdoms and have made plans for them. I honestly just did not bother. Why, you ask? Well, I’ve been burnt out so many times before, that I thought to myself, why even bother? It’ll all just be a dream, and it will crumble and fall when the time comes, and we are handed a poor excuse for a game.

A part of me still doubts, to be honest, and I am still not sure what pushed me to do this, the creation of Nirath (I still gotta get used to rolling this name on my tongue) and pledging that insane amount of money to push it even further. I mean, I just wanted to open a tavern and have a good time, I really did not plan to jump all the way to the title of King, and all that comes with it! Hell, I still don’t believe it myself, but it’s happening regardless! But I guess a larger part of me, really wanted to believe in this, and really wanted to gamble on this, because if I wasn’t sold out before, I am totally with such a heavy investment. I gave myself a push, and jump started my passion for this project. I did not do it for the title, never did, and come the day the people of Nirath believe there is a better king out there, I will gladly pass on this title unto them. (Don’t get any ideas Rhaegys!)

Note: you may not skip now!

What is this dream you speak of? Well, this dream is Nirath… Anti-climax? Totally.
But honestly, It’s the idea behind Nirath, more so than the Kingdom itself.You see, most kingdoms, if not all of them are simply treated as a guild, they are well structured and created from scratch to represent a well functioning goverment (or try to, at least). There is also clear line of hierarchy, and tasks. It’s all written down, who is who, and what is what and all that is written is law. Those people spend their time, evolving their role, designing, writing, creating and whatever they think perfects their task. That is totally fine, and if they wish to do it in that manner, then so be it. Though I certainly do not agree with those methods. I have a totally different idea, on how to run things here, on how to create Nirath, and evolve it. Mostly, I was looking at the future, two years from now, to be exact. When hopefully COE releases, and achieves its potential and promises. We are looking at servers that hosts tens of thousands of peoples, and a kingdom makes up a large amount of the playerbase, thousands, and thousands of players might be within a kingdom, people we want, or we don’t, friends and enemies. Come that day, I honestly don’t know how many people wil be registered within our kingdom, and I certainly cannot manage all of them, or micro-manage things. Even worse, I am not sure if many of the new members (That will arrive at launch or after) Will even know what we have planned for two years on our forums, and internally. They’ll see a kingdom they like/family or whatever that guides their decisions to be part of Nirath, and they’ll carry on enjoying the game and try to achieve their personal goals. This also represents guilds and organizations, and not the individual player.

I thought why struggle and build internal systems, that may or may not work with the actual in-game systems. Which I am sure the devs have developed exactly to cater to this amount of players, for this exact situation. I mean, they made the game… they know better. Don’t they? (I do hope so!)

With that being said, and also while keeping all of that in mind(There is a lot more to it, but i am trying to keep it short…not). I think the best system, is well, the Feudal European system of our kingdoms, and the last journal explains it best, but i’ll leave this subject to another entry of mine on the Herald, and continue to talk about my visions for Nirath.

Again, with all the numbers mentioned above, and kept in mind. I thought to myself, what is the best way to accommodate such a huge number of players? Especially outside of the game and in the next 18 months, just incase we have a huge influx of players, that want to set up their goals and organize before launch, exactly like we are doing right now. Well, the answer is already there, and it’s nothing I conjured up out of my amazing imagination. The Official forums. Yes, the official forums, thousands of players go to the forums to do this exact same thing, of seeking organizations/setting them up and building up their goals and plans, and it’s working perfectly, and many of them might end up in Nirath, regardless if do spend the effort of recruiting them or not. Then I realized, why actually just stick with this familiar pattern? We simply give the community an open platform, just like the official forums, for them to come to, and exactly do the same thing they are already doing, without enforced restrictions upon them, without recruitment screening, interviews and the work. Just roll up to Nirath, register, and boom! You are now a member of a kingdom. So you ask me, but what’s the benefit then, since there are already the official forums? Why do we even bother? Well, it’s really not exactly the same, between organizing in the offical forums, or ours. See, when they arrive to our kingdom, we actually work with them to accommodate their plans, and assist them with their projects, or goals. With us, there is safety to their plans. We abolish the uncertainties of choosing an unfamiliar kingdom. I mean, Elyria is amazing, but it is also a scary, unfair place. You don’t want to end up in a barbarian horde that’ll chew you up for not playing along, when all you wish to do is just run a farm in peace.

In Nirath, people find safety. They know their king, their Dukes, their counts. The people they’ll be under or above. They know the direction our kingdom is going for, and they will organize more efficiently, they will get support even, from those that pursue similar goals. They can achieve a better harmony with their fellow Nirathii, in a place where they feel they belong to, and in a place that is filled with like minded players.

So with that, I’ve decided to launch The Kingdom of Nirath as an EU Community initiative, where people can come and organize themselves, plan their future in Elyria, and actually find support from all levels in the kingdom. In a kingdom that they’ll evolve with their plans and work, a kingdom that’ll grow and prosper by them, and for them. Keeping them a strong community that’ll endure for years to come and move forward, with or without me at the top.

Thank you, for your patience, and going through this long entry. I did not wish for it to be this long, but it does touch on things that are important to me, and I felt the need to give it justice. Do look forward to my next entry, which will touch on the matters of power, and hierarchy within the kingdom, on how does our kingdom, which isn’t organized like a guild/organization can function, with what seems to be a loose/unplanned structure.

Best regards,

King Dragor