Greetings, Nirathii.

Hhere we go again with another entry of mine! This one is highly sought after though because it hopefully will answer some of the questions that I keep getting hammered with. Why do we have no branches? Why there is no apparent structure within the Kingdom? HOW CAN I HOLD MAXIMUM POWER, MY LORD?! Well, that’s all good and well. Because now you might figure it out, at least I hope. Also do keep in mind, while reading this, most of the things said below are taking into account that the kingdom contains a large amount of people, So it does not make much sense if you think of us as a 50 man organization, or even a 100. (It is advised to read my previous entry, A King’s Dream, as I tackled the matter of numbers and population).

Matters of power and structure, is the name of our today’s entry, and it is that. First I would like to address power, and then I will move into discussing the structure more thoroughly. So what’s power? We are all used to be in guilds, organizations etc. Guild leaders hold absolute power, generally, over all matters of the guild. Officers on the other hand, they enforce it and so on. Most of the time, these officers are long time companions to the guild leader, they have earned their positions through trust, companionship, and months or even years of relationship, Online or offline. Then you have the officers, that earned their position through hard work done within the guild, always there to assist and always bring new ideas to the guild. While having a small group of officers, usually it’s a pretty solid way to handle any guild, even if we run in the hundreds, there is usually division leaders, and a council is formed with all of them, and in rare cases these guilds end up splitting into multiple guilds, sometimes due to size limit, or just to organize even better, so all the members are filtered into appropriate sub guilds. Now in Elyria, this would make sense in an Absolute monarchy, I have all the power, and I can act just like any guild leader, elevate those I wish into positions of power. Which might not always be a healthy choice, or it could be a matter of connections, there is always that person that gets offended anyhow, and drama is unavoidable (most of the time!).

But things dramatically change when it comes to running a kingdom in Chronicles of Elyria, in my humble opinion. First of all, there is the matter of pledging on Kickstarter, I have no choice in selecting any member’s power, everyone have already established their positions, by themselves, pretty much in a “Put your money where your mouth is.” situation. I certainly cannot select Dukes, nor can I select Counts, or Barons. They have all selected their positions by the pledge they’ve made. Now I can raise someone from the gentry and call them a Duke, but come release? It might be hard to do so, if the kingdom is already filled with player dukes, and I’d have to do a lot of work, just to hope and get him in that position, while also risking a lot in the process. Maybe eventually if he raises himself to nobility, with my support. We manage to secure more lands from other kingdoms, and due to his contributions, he may be granted more fiefs, to raise from a baron/mayor into a count, or even duke, but then again that’s a long commitment to raising someone into a position I’ve bestowed upon them, and if I have elevated someone into that position, that means he’ll be included in the kingdom plans as a Duke, and we’d start making counts pledge to him, organizations and people start planning their goals etc under him, again come release, all of those plans will be halted, until that person is in the right place, and it will cause a god awful mess.

Now as you have all noticed, we have gained quite the attraction, and many have joined the Kingdom in the initial burst, with us simply just declaring that Nirath exists, and it’s doors are open. We have not even announced ourselves on the official forums yet, and Ironically, I still get many messages, on if I do actually exist, or if Nirath does exist. People did not flock to Nirath for the wisdom and leadership I am known for(if I was known for any of that!) and not for the fancy offers we’ve made. The key words here are “Security and Safety”. People wish to establish their plans on solid grounds, wish to plan their projects, playstyle and ambitions in an already established environment. Being part of a kingdom, that is not actually confirmed, entices a lot of planning, how are we to raise ourselves into a position of power within a kingdom that does not belong to us? It will involve a lot of fighting, a lot of bloodshed, and if a smart route without any violence is to be taken, that might be a long road and a lot of time, on focusing all your effort and energy on overthrowing a kingdom, and raising your plot leader into the throne. Some people enjoy building something from nothing, or starting from scratch, into a powerful existence. That is a valid strategy and even an amazing thing to see come to fruition, all of your hard work paying off, to gain the final prize. But frankly, not many people wish to waste their precious time, to see the ambitions of other men fulfilled, while they eventually get thrown to the side, or even if this will serve them in the long run, it is still a lot of commitment, and a derailment to their original plans.

Here is the place, where my “Inherited title” comes into play, and this is where Nirath shines brightly above all else. We are security, we are safety! WE ARE THE(where am I going with this?). While some self-proclaimed bastards, that will remain unnamed, do take jabs at my inherited power, and also doubt every step I take, and scoff at me for taking the easy path, promising my fall from the top, while they are still struggling at the bottom of a valley, they need to realize that in the time they expose themselves to uncertainties, civil war, struggle and turmoil, Nirath will prosper, as my vassals focus their efforts on building the Kingdom, than bringing it down, only to re-build it.

I cannot promise complete serenity, there will be threats from the outside, and from the inside, in a virtual world like Elyria, risk harbours rewards, and people will take unnecessary risks, just for the sake of the excitement it brings, or throw all that they have accomplished, watch it burn, just to say “At least we tried!”. This is also part of the charm and beauty of playing games, so it is inevitable, all I can do is bring the most trustworthy and put them in one place, and pray to god that they play nice together.

To summarize the above, I do not hold true power over the selection of nobility, rankings and the position of most people in the kingdom. This is something that they all will determine on their own, something that they will earn/have earned by themselves through Kickstarter/ and or Influence points, and will earn, or improve on, come release as they work towards it. I am sure the game will ensure enough paths for someone to climb up to power through the systems, be it Casus Belli, smart monopoly of trade, or charm to gain enough supporters for whatever cause you carry.

Eventually, some people will ask me directly, some people will wish it indirectly, to give them some sort of power or control, to raise them above the rest, to give them advantage against other people of the same stature, and that is fine, because it is normal for us to wish for such, and it is normal for people in power to lean toward others they favor, and commit to raising them closer and above the rest. It is in our nature, and it is a natural process. Though if mostly done for selfish reasons, it is seen as corruption, and if done wisely, it will benefit the people, but regardless, some harm will occur, and some injustice, especially in Elyria, a world that is not fair, by design.

So someone might wonder now, “But if I couldn’t pledge to gain power, does that mean I can never achieve it, In Nirath?” While Nirath is not a meritocracy per say (not embedded in the system I have for Nirath), hard work will obviously be noticed in one way or another, people should not focus on me, when wanting to earn more, but their immediate surroundings. If you are a count, you’d want a like minded Duke, that will support your decisions, and will give you leeway and room to expand and progress, the same for all nobles, aristocracy and gentry. The fact that you are in Nirath, should hopefully be enough empowerment, as it provides a familiar and stable environment for you to plan on. Your goals will be supported, the paths will be opened for you, and there will be opportunities to take advantage of. A mere warrior might climb to great heights via in-game tournaments, a count will become a duke via smart politics, etc. And there is the fact that I am here, listening to suggestions, endorsing future plans and projects within the kingdom. If you have no titles prior to release (Count, Duke etc.) It doesn’t mean you hold no power. Everyone is encouraged to start their plans and projects for Elyria. Nobles have the best time to capitalize on Nirath, and recruit potential members into their domain, house or council. People with zero pledging, could also begin to plan, starting guilds, families or organizations, and capitalize on Nirath, by recruiting people interested in their fields, your actions will provide for you. You might not be a duke, but you might find a duke that will pledge his support to your leadership and wisdom, and vice versa. The purpose of Nirath, is to give you all the right place, and the right tools for you to take advantage of, to empower yourself within the community, and in the future, the game.

As is, I think I might have dragged the topic longer than necessary (seems to be a talent of mine), I will continue onto the matters of structure in a separate entry, and if anyone wishes to discuss or if you have questions, please feel free to reply and don’t shy away, because it might be an answer for many people in the community, today or in the future.