Tthough my responsibilities for the kingdom take up most of my time, I am still able to travel the lands from time to time, and one of the things that always shocks me is the misunderstanding about Nirath religious beliefs. I will try to shed some light about the matter, because I realized the issue might lie deeper into the knowledge of the Qin.

As many of you know, the main religion of Nirath is that of the Qin. Through time they have created and shaped all that we know. Though all of the Qin are worship in one way or another within the kingdom, there is one that all the Nirathii hold in the greatest regard and this is Daemon, the God of Fire.


And here is where the controversy and misunderstanding that I found outside Nirath happens. Because for some reason many people see Daemon as an evil god. I did some research on the issue and I found out, to my surprise, that this misconception comes from some fantastical tales of an alternate world called Urth or something like that. In these tales, some creatures called demons that seek to destroy Mann-kind. So people shouldn’t be confusing fantasy with reality.


But on a more serious note, Daemon has been accused of causing The Burning. If you are ambushed in a mountain pass and your enemy causes a landslide to trap you, who are you going to blame? The mountain? Certainly not. And so this is what happened during The Burning, Daemon physical body was slayed and so he lost control of all his power and the fire spread over the world without him unable to save it. So, do not blame him.


Many are the stories about Daemon that hardly can be attributed to an evil god. So I hope this writing helps to shine a truer light of the Qin of Fire who the Nirathii hold in great regard, the one that our blacksmiths pray too, whose sons our people call upon for help on the desert or to get victorious at war.