Hhis Grace the Duke of the Zabi Demesne regrets to announce the death of Lord Sasro Zabi, called the Unifier, previous Duke of the Zabi Demesne. Lord Sasro with his dying words commended the souls of his enemies to Daemon’s light, asked forgiveness for his sins and praised the just rule and good governance of King Dragor.

Lord Sasro is most well-known for presiding over the Act of Unity that ended the conflicts that have blighted our great Demesne for four generations. In honour of his great wisdom His Grace Lord Degwin has declared that the Era of Civil Wars is over and that the new era shall be called the Era of Unity.

As part of this new spirit of unity a general pardon has been issued for all those not pardoned under the Act of Unity twenty years ago. Lands confiscated as a result of the Acts of Unity still remaining within the hands of the Duke of the Zabi Demesne will be returned to their original owners or their heirs.

Lord Sasro before his death was working towards expanding the Curia to include the Mayors and other elected representatives of towns and villages within the Demesne so that the commons may partake of governance. Lord Degwin in acquiescence to his father’s wishes has ordered the Curia be open to Mayors and further tithings based on population.

The funeral of Lord Sasro and the giving of his body into the flames shall take place on the tenth day of this month after the body has gone on procession to the Capital. In his will the ever generous Lord Sasro has granted one gold to each citizen of the Demesne and has granted several benefices to nobles and aristocrats alike. Lord Degwin has declared this a general holiday within the Demesne so all who are able may attend.