From Saw’ahya, the serene Count of Cherrug, blessed of Angelica and the black tulip, to his Grace Usifan, the just and wise grand Duke of Usifan:

Bblessing be upon you and your household in the name of Angelica and under the auspices of the Tulip, our eternal emblem and light in the darkest of places. Dilmunia grows ever in wealth and prestige through our patron goddess and the wisdom of our Duke, whom we serve with all our hearts and souls.

We who are the faithful and humble servants of the Grand Duchy, sworn to uphold the faith and the tenets of the Grand Order of the Flock, protecting our people and laying down our lives, if necessary rejoice in the favour shown in our land and citizens, praying that Angelica and the Qin continue to bestow their blessing upon us.

It is with great pleasure and no small excitement that I, Count Saw’ahya, wish to impart to you, my Duke, a tale so incredible, so amazing, that it can only be seen as evidence of the grand order’s favour with the Qin.

As you may be well-informed, the settlement of the county of Cherrug – recently became part of Usifan, and placed into my humble hands to care for – has been meeting the deadlines given to your loyal servant by your grace court.

The arable land has been tilled and the well dug. Villages are near completion and the roads secured, ensuring trade flourishes.

For my own city – Falcon’s Nest – it will take a little while longer to complete, as I deem the villages near the border to have been of greater importance to our Duchy. But I am glad to report that Falcon’s Nest, perched as it is on the side of the highest mountain overlooking Cherrug, will be impregnable once completed.

The men under my command are steadfast and true to the teachings of the Grand Order and are diligent with both their daily training and duties, ensuring that our people are able to build their new lives in the county of Cherrug. No army shall ever conquer this city, and thus the mountainous trade route into Dilmunia is secured forever, if Angelica wills it.

The engineers and builders who have been tasked with the construction of Falcon’s Nest have dug deep to create foundations for the city walls that will last until the end of time. In doing so they have discovered many items of interest that have not only been lost to time, but may give us a better understanding of the history of our land before our ancestors discovered it. This is, of course, the matter of the priests, historians, and educators of the Angelica Academy to decide upon, not for one of inferior knowledge such as I. Yet even a soldier such as myself cannot help but be excited by some of what has been brought forth into the light of Angelica from the deepest levels of Elyria under our very feet.

Not only is the mountain region of Cherrug blessed with gold and other minerals, but there are also objects of great curiosity, made for an ancient and unknown purpose, by a hand and an eye that may be immortal, that my men are discovering as they continue to dig. The item that I wish to bring to your attention is a relic of a most unusual construction. It appears to be an ancient anvil, but it is of a metal that we have not seen before and the construction of it is so complex, with no visible joins that we do not know how it was built. When it is held a thrumming can be felt. Not unpleasant, but pulsating with an unknown energy. Those of us who are brave enough to have held it are aware that it is a force to be reckoned with, and thus I have placed it in a secure location, under guard.

We have had metallurgists and priests examine it and they are of the opinion that it is a relic of the Great War and may have been used by Daemon. As such, we have requested that Priestess Pandora Ludenberg of the Temple of Angelica travel to our land and inspect the relic, in order that we may learn more of it and use it for the benefit of the Grand Flock, if Angelica wills it.

One of the priests of our order is confident that it contains the power of its creator still and that we, with understanding, shall be able to impart a little of that power to all weapons made with the aid of the Daemon’s Anvil. How we will be able to empower other weapons with it is still to be determined and shall only occur if the Priestess deems it safe to use, that there is no hex or evil power within and that it does not change the heart or mind of the warrior who wields it.

The Priestess is due to arrive in a week and then testing shall begin. If all is as we hope, then we have discovered the first of what may be many empowered relics that shall only increase our renown and military might. If, as the priest claims, that power is able to be imparted into other weapons, then I humbly offer a parcel of land in the valley below Falcon’s Nest to be used as a weapon manufacturing site, with a temple and priests to oversee it in the name of Angelica and the Qin.

With my Lord’s permission, I ask that any blacksmith who is stout of heart, filled with faith, and eager to create a new weapon that will bring glory to Usifan to apply to resettle in Cherrug. I guarantee a house and a land, profits enough to compensate the move, and the security of as much business as each blacksmith can handle.

I invite all the younger sons, the displaced and those seeking new meaning to their lives who wish to be part of something great in service to Usifan to apply to join the ranks of my men, who protect Cherrug, the Duchy and serve the Grand Order of the Flock. Those who are deemed pure of heart, strong of mind, and whole of body shall be accepted and trained in the ways of the Order.

It is my fervent wish that this discovery is but a small step to further glory to come to Usifan and I pray that this letter finds my Lord well. I await any further instructions you may have.

In the name of Angelica and the Qin,

Saw’ahya, Count of Cherrug