Iin my travels across our fair kingdom, on both court and personal business, I have visited every duchy and sampled the great variety of foods that exist within our realm. In this series, I will show you how to create some of Nirath’s best dishes found in homes, taverns, and feasts across the kingdom.

In this part, I will show you how to prepare and serve Three Colour Dumplings

About This Dish:

Three colour dumplings are a popular street snack throughout Nirath and once made they can be preserved for two or three days meaning that vendors can make large batches of dumplings to serve over a week or so. These snacks are commonly sold at marketplaces throughout Nirath and at many roadside rest houses. Since the dumplings can be eaten while riding or walking they make a perfect accompaniment to a trip to your local market town, sustaining you as you browse the displayed wares of merchants from both near and far. This particular recipe comes from 

You will require (measurements for ingredients are given in Imperial (UK) measurements (please note these are different from US customary measurements)):

9oz rice flour 6 tbsp sugar

6 tbsp sugar
220 ml water
1 tsp beetroot juice
½ tsp matcha powder
12 bamboo skewers


First add the rice flour, sugar and water in a bowl and knead well until the dough is smooth and bouncy and divide the dough into thirds. Place one third of the dough in the bowl and add the matcha powder and knead until the dough turns a light even green. Place another third into a separate bowl and add the beetroot juice kneading until the dough turns an even pink colour. The final third should be left white. Shape the dough into 2 cm diameter balls by rolling them between your palms, you should be able to make 12 dumplings of each colour. Cook the dumplings in boiling water for a few minutes until they float. Take the dumplings out of the boiling water and soak in cold water to stop them from overcooking. Thread one of each colour of the dumplings onto skewers.


This recipe has many variations, mostly in the ingredients used to make the colours, which I encourage my readers to experiment with. One variation however consists of adding a red bean paste to the centre of larger dumplings, a recipe I shall describe at another time.

Serving Suggestions

It is traditional to serve these dumplings with a bitter tea though street vendors tend to sell whatever beverages are locally available.