Aas our kingdom continues to grow and expand we’ve seen an influx of  new citizens from all over the world, but none quite as noticeably as our Spanish members. They continue to be an important part of our community and make up a large proportion of our population.

As is Dragor’s wish, Nirath is continuously being shaped to benefit everyone that wishes to settle within it, and nothing exemplifies that ethos more than the development of what has become an entirely Spanish community within our own.

Tarsis, a county populated by Spanish players, is a symbol of unity and acceptance inside Europe’s most player-populated, and only pledged kingdom. It, along with other sub-communities, has benefited from a benevolent regime under Dragor and has so far really demonstrated Nirath’s inclusive nature whilst producing some large and unique guilds that the entire kingdom will surely profit from.

The issue though (as we all know!) has been developing a platform on which these sub-communities can become fully integrated into Nirath’s overarching society. After all, Tarsis will undoubtedly trade with other counties within the kingdom and knowing your trade partner well will bolster trust dramatically.

This has led to the introduction of Nirath’s first other-language Discord channel, as an invitation to all Spanish speaking players to involve themselves not only in their own community, but in the one that we all share together.

The project has so far been a success although more could definitely be done to encourage total integration. More importantly though, it acts as a pilot for other projects Nirath may undertake further down the pipeline for other sub-communities so that each and every member of our kingdom can feel totally welcomed and important.