To my Counts and Ministers:

Llet it be known that, if I should be away longer than expected, the following is to be implemented.

1) Count White shall rule the Privy Council in my absence.

2) The Privy Council may be revamped, if deemed necessary. In the event I call you to war, I expect you to name your successors to the Privy Council to govern in your absence.

3) Those on the Privy Council are reflection of me. You are my chosen ones and as such, I expect your behavior to match mine at all times. You are expected to execute your duties with honesty and the highest of ethics.

4) The House of Counts are to meet as usual and are to be attended by the Counts. In the event a count is ill, a representative may attend in his place.

5) The House of Commons is to have no permanent members, but must follow the present system of rotation. Those who have been sworn in and wish to attend meetings must have pre-written statements and the topics to be discussed must be approved by the house secretary, who is answerable to me.

6) Work will be delegated appropriately to those whom have proven their quality and dedication with other tasks.

7) Any delegates from other lands, the industries and districts of our land must be received with all due ceremony. Any issues raised must be communicated to all those on the Privy Council immediately. Do not let small issues become large ones. Tend to my flock diligently and you will be rewarded.

Signed on this day, Duke Usifan