Iin recent days many rumours have begun to circulate regarding the likely secession of the Grand Duchy of Usifan from Nirath. Usifan has always been the largest, and most powerful of the duchies within Nirath, with many likening it in size and majesty to a kingdom all of its own. Well, folks, it seems that the fears of the unionists and dreams of the successionists have come true. Today at four bells past midday the King Regent Rhaegys Audran threw open the Great Hall of Nirath proclaiming to the assembled crowd “Let it be known that our dear Duke Usifan is to be addressed as King from now on. The Kingdom of Nirath is sad to see him go but it wishes the King Usifan. As our brother Kingdom, we will work and stand strong together. All hail King Dragor and King Usifan.” 

After a short period of stunned silence, the assembled crowd began to chatter excitedly, some declaring their support for an independent duchy and some regarding the idea as a threat to Nirath. In Court, the Dukes and Courtiers were less shocked, turning instead to the business of governance. While the Great Hall echoed with debates on who would follow King Usifan and who would stay the Dukes and Courtiers of the realm focused on the practical, how would the split be enacted? What would the relationship between the two nations be? Many in the Court proposed a confederacy or a military and political alliance between the two groups. Rhaegys Audran had this to say. “The kings are discussing the terms of our future relationship. Many ideas have been thrown around between them but nothing has been decided yet. But I’m hoping that soon there is going to be an agreement. Though I can’t exactly say how is going to be turn out, it is going to be more likely that a very close relationship.”

It appears that the details of this special relationship are being worked out at the highest level and we should expect an official announcement from one or both of the Kings soon. Until then the Royal Herald is looking for your opinions. What should this special relationship look like? How are families on either side of new national borders going to be affected? Find out in our series of reports coming soon.