Eearlier today while investigating apparently unfounded rumours of a new independent ‘city-state’ I had the privilege of interviewing Baron Grenric Layne currently serving in the Court of Demalion as Regent to the Duke of Terenia.

We met in a small room a short walk from the throne-room where Baron Grenric sat sorting through papers for his duke and I asked him to give me a Demalion view as to the current situation with Lord Maulvorn. I present our interview to you:

BG: Fair evening, good Sir. I hear you are a writer, hmm? Perhaps you wanted a statement from me on the latest events?

DZ: An amateur writer only I’m afraid. My king asked me to take on the duties of Herald so that the Nirathii people may know the events of the world around them, I still remain my father’s child however and prefer strategy to scribing. Though my lord you have guessed my wishes entirely I would hear your Empire’s thoughts on the exile of your Count Maulvorn and his ‘declaration of independence’

BG: Oh aye, the tale of Lord Maulvorn is an old one, as most folk in these parts are familiar with the mann and the burdensome history of his family name. Tracing his lineage back all the way to the first kings of Zygethia, Lord Varuian was always a pompous mann, acting as if autonomous rule was his very own birthright and anyone who stood in his way would be looked upon as an enemy – a foe in need of getting rid of. Being the quarrelsome Lord that he is, he found himself in open conflict with other factions more oft than not. Ranging from small fights to rather ugly disputes. We allowed such reckless behaviour, to the point where he himself became a nuisance for the good image and reputation of the Empire that we all serve. It was then, that we had to call out to Maulvorn to stop this. And even our Emperor himself had sent word to him and spoke words of warning to Lord Varuian. But did it stop, eh? No, my good Sir, it did not. In hindsight, it was perhaps wise to intercept his personal letters. For what we found was nothing short of nefarious. A vile scheme to plot against all the Demalion Lords that dared to speak against him and remove them from power, adding their lands to his own fiefdom. For the acts of plotting treason against his own peers and showing complete disregard for the Emperor’s wishes, Lord Varuian Maulvorn has been banished from the lands of the Demalion Empire. He had proven himself a liability for the good standings of the Empire. And many a Lord, myself included, would wish him good riddance with that

DZ: So this is more than a philosophical difference then? What of his demands he lays before his potential liege? His searching for the best offer? If you were a duke from Arkadia or Tryggr would you negotiate from these terms?

BG: There is a great many philosophical differences between us, indeed… But diversity of thought is not something we shy away from in the Empire, we have learned to live with each other in accordance to our Nation’s principles. What we speak of here in this particular case though, is a line being crossed. And Lord Varuian had crossed that line when he took hostile actions against the Empire he had vown to serve. He grunts in clear disapproval So you ask me if I would recommend anyone to reason with him? No, Sir, I would not. And how could I? Speaking up for a mann who had proven himself reckless in his actions and with no regard for any authority… I do not believe him to be a desirable vassal for any respectable Duke, no.

DZ: Ah you misunderstand me, sir. I talked not of the man, but of the demands, though removing the demands from the man may be a futile exercise in this case I asked if his demands seemed reasonable as a vassal to his liege regardless of the personage who may be making them

BG: The demands written down by one of his menn, yes? I took a glance at them, they do not seem like anything unreasonable to me. Yet you are right, It is particularly hard for me to distance the mann from the words he had written, because I’ve found myself looking more at the actions of menn rather than their words. That being said, my answer is once again no. Though Lord Varuian presents demands for a reasonable degree of autonomy in his rule, he had shown himself to only care for the well-being of himself, disregarding anyone above or below him in the process. With that in mind, of course, any Lord that wishes to have this mann under his service is more than welcome to hear him out. But I can only recommend them to be wary of what he speaks… I find him to be dishonest, to say the least. With the evidence clear against him, Maulvorn had little choice but to respect the Emperor’s wishes and leave the Empire. While many of the current ruling Lords are wishing to overthrow him, Maulvorn managed to prolong this – at least for now. He removed himself from the Empire and currently rules as the leader of an “independent” County. Knowing that this will not sustain him, he will likely ally himself with one of the bordering Kingdoms. Whichever his pick may be, many would agree that Lord Varuian Maulvorn has caused quite an unnecessary predicament, making a lot of enemies on the way with his sheer arrogance. But this tragedy is but his own. I wish for him to truly realize the error of his ways, otherwise one day he might find himself reaping what he had sown.

DZ: Thank you for your candour sir. I just have one final question for you, though I think I know the answer, would Demalion in the future be willing to accept Maulvorn back into the fold or have his actions lost trust forever?

BG: Nay, Sir. It is not my place to pass final judgement in the name of our Emperor, but he seems like a mann who is less keen on getting bitten by a stray dog… twice.


At this, I thanked the baron for his time and left him to his duties.