Wwhile the Kingdom of Arkadia presents itself to the outside world as a shining beacon of hope, strength and unity it has long been whispered that there is a darker more sinister side to the Light Kingdom. It has long been known that Raziel has little toleration for dissent and that those who criticise him or his policies tend to disappear in the night, erased from Arkadian existence in the hearts and minds of her people. These actions have for a long time been seen as acceptable by the citizens of Arkadia, even desirable, the actions of a strong king, one who seeks out undesirables, traitors and spies. Those who have accused the king of tyranny are publically disavowed by the kingdom, or quietly informed upon by their former friends and families seeking to bask in the Sun King’s favour.
Unfortunately for King Raziel, it seems even his staunchest allies and longtime time supporters are growing weary of what many see as paranoia and historical revisionism. In his efforts to purge his kingdom of what he sees as traitors and insurrectionists he has driven one of his most loyal supporters from the fold. Duke Rojax of Lyon, formerly a senior member of the Arkadian Ministries has recently announced his duchies independence from the Arkadian regime. In a statement published throughout his duchy and in the public areas of Arkadia by the Duke’s men Rojax says the following:
Some of you may know… some of you may not know… but on the 23rd of this month, Astro was kicked out of Arkadia. Those of you who know Astro know that he was one of the most loyal members of Arkadia, a great friend and a great man. This came as a huge shock to me and I have been silent about it for a couple of days as I pondered what it meant to me and my duchy. I also noticed that there has been minimal to no discussion about what happened before or after. The conclusion I arrived at is, we are essentially being told, in actions that: your loyalty means nothing, if you don’t comply or if you disagree we will destroy you and your lands. You will be eliminated. Personally, I cannot go forward with the project of Arkadia. If Astro’s loyalty meant nothing then my loyalty means nothing. For me, loyalty and trust are everything in gaming and life. It is for this reason that the Duchy of Lyon will be leaving Arkadia effective immediately. 
I have not told anyone about this except my closest confidants so this is going to be very surprising to the leadership as well as the people of Arkadia. The reason I have kept it close to my chest is because I wanted to get this message out to you before I was erased from Arkadian history, as has happened to those before me. Those of you who have had the chance to read this message before it was erased I ask you to ponder what it means when a leader kicks and pushes away multiple extremely loyal friends because they don’t agree with him. If this process is allowed to run for 10 years what will be the eventual outcome?
It seems Raziel’s actions have lost him a loyal follower and a friend. Whether or not the Arkadian king will change his ways is yet to be seen. More on this story as it develops.