Aalmost immediately after the announcement that the dukes of Skywind and Feann had merged into a single political entity, messengers were dispatched once again to courts throughout the continent with news of a new alliance. The Grand Duchy of Feann entered into an alliance with Duke Rojax of Lyon.

The Grand Duchy of Feann and the Duchy of Lyon are pleased to announce the forging of a new alliance bound by oath and honour. His Grace Rojax de Lyon the Duke of Lyon and His Grace Cromwulf Aethelhelm the Grand Duke of Feann have come together in friendship to work for the mutual accord of their duchies in order that they might increase prosperity and betterment for all. They will be of a single mind in matters of diplomacy and war. They currently swear fealty to none but themselves but seek goodwill for all Elyria. Should a king wish to enter into diplomatic relations with the Duchies of Lyon and Feann Their Majesty would be encouraged to seek them out or send a suitable courier with relevant missives to the capitol of Lyon or Fean in due haste.

Rojax de Lyon

Cromwulf Aethelhelm

Having travelled to Feann to discuss the formation of their grand duchy and took the opportunity to talk to members of that court about the alliance. Sanguinesh an advisor to Grand Duke Cromwulf stated to me:

I’m excited there are 3 duchies all overseen by their respective dukes, each duke being an equal part of the leadership of our alliance but the real philosophy here is teamwork, from the top down we all work for the greater good first, then to help each other individually and finally on our personal interests.

I asked the dukes whether this was a step towards a greater confederation of dukes similar to the Ducal Leagues of other continents and was told resoundingly that none of the three had any plans towards a greater political movement at this time.

What this alliance means for the continent has yet to be seen, more on this story as it updates.



((Featured image created by Sariaru used with permission))