Aas eventide began to fall across the continent the Royal and Ducal Courts throughout Nirath erupted in a flurry of activity for there had come a notice that was as unexpected as it was important, the Duke of Skywind had sworn fealty to the Duke of Feann, creating a new, and independent, Grand Duchy of Feann

The news was delivered to the Courts in the form of a simple missive, such as one sees displayed in towns throughout Elyria stating:

His Grace The Duke of Feann, His Grace the Duke of Skywind,

DESIRING to issue the following public declaration,

DRIVEN by a mutual wish to work together more closely on important decisions which affect both Duchies and always share warm and friendly relations between each other,

DETERMINED, after much discussion between the leadership of each Duchy, that it is in the interest of both Duchies to form closer ties,

ARE RESOLVED to join forces through the formation of a political union between their two respective Duchies,

HAVE DECIDED to establish a Grand Duchy,

WHO, having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed as follows:

That the Grand Duchy of Feann is hereby established, with Cromulent being appointed as its Grand Duke.

That Skywind shall remain a Duchy in its own right, and as such Skywind’s Duke will not lose any power because of this arrangement.

That all external affairs of the Grand Duchy shall be handled by the Grand Duke and his council as both the Grand Duke and the Duke feel it is important to have a single point of contact when it comes to handling the external affairs of this political union.

We look forward to working with each other from this moment on. Any questions that the community might have can be left below and we will both try and answer them as soon as we can.

Thank you.

I travelled to the Grand Duke’s Court to interview the two dukes in regards to their formation of a new, and what’s more independent grand duchy. I met Grand Duke Cromulent and Duke Wolff who were gracious enough to grant me a few moments of their time.

DZ: Your Graces, thank-you for agreeing to see me on such short notice. My first question is probably the one you’ve been getting a lot from other rulers, and the most obvious. Why have you chosen to band together as a grand duchy at this time?

Wolff: I have been getting to know Cromulent and the rest of Feann over the last few months and we realized that we are very like-minded on many matters. In addition, Skywind is still recovering from a period of internal upheaval and I will be focussed much more on real life in the coming period. So I felt forming a close alliance with like-minded Duke would be in the best interest for Skywind.

Crom: Since we were both independent it made sense for us to work together and because Wolff will retain leadership of his own Duchy he’ll be in charge of internal affairs there. Overall though it made sense for us to have one voice for external communication so that is the main reason for the Grand Duchy.  I imagine we will have close internal trade links and of course we will support each other in whatever way is required by events.

DZ: So is Skywind permanently subordinating itself to Feann or is will you be sharing the grand ducal title between your Houses?

Crom: I’ll let Wolff answer this but from my perspective, it is about working together not subordination the only power that Wolff has given to me is to speak for him in external matters.

At this point Arthur Mercator, the renowned Nirathi merchant spoke up from the crowd, asking if the Grand Duchy of Feann was actually closer in nature to a confederation than a traditional feudal grand duchy such as my own Zabi Demesne.

Wolff: I agree with Cromulent. I don’t see it as subordination. What is the case is that the Grand Duchy will handle all foreign matters on behalf of both entities with Crom in his capacity as Grand Duke, but he will be supported by the council of the Grand Duchy. In fact it is indeed close to what Mr Mercator suggested, a confederation.

DZ: Your duchies are located in the border regions between several kingdoms. Do you in the future seek to come under the protection of one of the kings? If so how do you intend to maintain your Grand Duchy?

Crom: We intend to join a kingdom eventually, but we have time to explore the diplomacy of it. We will work with the King and the other nobility in the same way as we would if we were not a grand duchy we will just retain close links between ourselves and if things are put to a vote we will probably vote the same way and keep a united front when it comes to issues affecting us within the Kingdom. We are looking forward to working with our future monarch whoever that may be, however.

Wolff: To add to what His Grace just said when we are ready to start talks with kingdoms regarding joining them we will do so as a grand duchy represented by its grand duke with the support of the council. Which also means Skywind will not entertain offers from any kingdom if we are not on the same page as a grand duchy. Whatever move we make we make together.

DZ: You say that the Grand Duke will only deal with external affairs, does this mean military adventures and if so what does that mean for internal security? 

Crom: Well we’ll be joining a kingdom at some point so supreme control when it comes to war will rest with the monarch unless there is an internal war, gods forfend, in which case I imagine we will discuss issues amongst the grand duchy council and then act as one. If the King orders us to war we work as a team there as well and the same in defence.

DZ: So each duke will be responsible for internal security?

Crom: Yes

Wolff: Correct, but we will stand ready assist each other.

DZ: Thank-you both for your time. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours.