Ddear Nirathii, today May 18th also know as Nirath Day, marks the 2nd anniversary since the foundation of Nirath and I wanted to write some words about Nirath, what happened this year and what’s coming.


A bit of history


Most of you probably know already but I think that for those who have joined more recently it would be interesting to know about how we started. Two years ago at the beginning of May 2016 Chronicles of Elyria launched its Kickstarter and on the first day Dragor pledged for the Monarch pack becoming the first player King of Chronicles of Elyria. Our King then started gathering people around him and together we set the basis of what we wanted for our kingdom: a community of people that comes together to realize their own projects and help each other while having fun.

Back in the day, we didn’t know the details of the tribes and we thought that we had more freedom to choose things like religion, so we also drafted some ideas about what we wanted as a lore for Nirath. Dragor and I always loved the story of Daemon, the Qin of Fire and his family, and we decided that Nirath’s religion was going to be Qindred. In particular, it would be focused on the cult of Daemon. For this reason, many things of Nirath are related to images of the sun, fire and Daemon even today when the religion will be more definitively dependant on the tribes we end up with. The fact that our glorious King can set his own beard on fire during a stream and remain unscathed is not coincidental

The name Nirath also emerged from these ideas. After a week of intense debate, the initial members of the Kingdom finally settle on the name. Nirath comes from mixing to words nir, the Arabic word for fire,and part of the name of Erathor, first-born of Daemon and Qin of the Desert.  The final decision was reached on May 18th 2016, and that is the day we decided to celebrate the foundation of the Kingdom.


The year so far

Many things happen in a year, and when a game like this is in development many of those things have a direct impact on our community. During 2017 we got to know about the tribes, how different and unique they are from each other and how the domain selection would be . Some us despaired and let SBS hear our concerns, and they listened. Some changes were done and today things are better, for example, we have more options with  domain selection, all part of the joys of being part of this journey of development and having a studio receptive to our ideas.

This year brings a lot of things as well: account merging, a new Kickstarter-versary with cool items like adorable pets and boats! (Boats! Yes, it would be very unlike me to not insert boats into the discussion somewhere. ).

And more exciting things are coming, such as Map voting and finally VoxElyria, and I’m pretty sure that SBS has more surprises in store for us this year. Exciting times!


But what about Nirath itself? During our second year Nirath has consolidated itself as a strong and stable kingdom. We had no big groups leaving and we keep growing slowly and steadily. Internal allegiances have changed and people move around internally, this is expected as we learn more about the game. Dukes can plan and reveal more about their ideas.


A kingdom in numbers

Since very early we have always being transparent about our numbers. We have the  Census where almost every Nirathi appears with their title or lack of, their allegiance together with duchies, counties and settlement names. I’m saying “almost” because not every Nirathi has registered themselves yet. The following is a breakdown of those numbers:


King: 1
Dukes: 8
Counts: 47
Aristocrats: 123
Subjects: 346

Grand Total: 469


Looking to the future

Perhaps the most important question in people’s mind is which tribes are we going to be orr what type of land are we getting. With Domain Selection getting closer and closer, perhaps even within this year, it’s normal to wonder what options do we have as a Kingdom. It is no secret that by the time that we have to pick our kingdom, barring any major changes, we’ll be picking second to last or even last. If you have read the excellent article wrote by Duke Degwin Zabi about the results of the Grand Survey you can see Nirathii choices for tribes and if you have been following what’s going on in our server you will know that it more or less align with the options that will be left for us. I believe that we shouldn’t worry about Domain selection that much anymore. By the way, if you haven’t read the article please do so, the results are very interesting. You can find the article here: Nirath Day: A Retrospective.

We have never promised anyone specific tribes or biomes, we have always being very transparent about this. So I won’t be promising anything to you now either. I know that not matter what we end up choosing there is going to be some people that will end up with some tribe that is not their best options but I’m happy to see that the result of the Grand Survey revealed that over 80% of Nirathii will stay no matter the tribes we choose in the end.

The last months have been good with all the news about the game and I think the next year will be packed with even better things with things like Pre-Alpha/Alpha and Domain selection I’m excited to see what the future of Chronicles of Elyria brings to us.

A final word

I would like to end this article with a thanks to all of you for making Nirath such a wonderful place. I’m positive that we will be successful as kingdom because you have embraced Dragor’s idea of what Nirath should be: a community for players, run by players to enjoy the game in working in our projects and helping each other.


Happy Nirath Day!


Lord Audran
Regent of Nirath
Duke of Tyr Nansur