With the shocking news of recent days that the former Jewel of Nirath, the shining Duchy of Usifan, has, with the blessings of the Divine King, decided to separate itself from our glorious kingdom and seek its own way as a sovereign nation in its own right, many have been questioning what this means for them, their families, and Nirath as a whole going forward. To enlighten our readers the Herald has put together this simple Herald’s Guide to the issues.

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In recent days many rumours have begun to circulate regarding the likely secession of the Grand Duchy of Usifan from Nirath. Usifan has always been the largest, and most powerful of the duchies within Nirath, with many likening it in size and majesty to a kingdom all of its own. Well, folks, it seems that the fears of the unionists and dreams of the successionists have come true. Today at four bells past midday the King Regent Rhaegys Audran threw open the Great Hall of Nirath proclaiming to the assembled crowd “Let it be known that our dear Duke Usifan is to be addressed as King from now on. The Kingdom of Nirath is sad to see him go but it wishes the King Usifan. As our brother Kingdom, we will work and stand strong together. All hail King Dragor and King Usifan.”  After a short period of stunned silence, the assembled crowd began to chatter excitedly, some declaring their support for an independent duchy and some regarding the idea as a threat to Nirath. In Court, the Dukes and Courtiers were less shocked, turning instead to the business of governance. While the Great Hall echoed with debates on who would …

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In order to complement the Royal Academy of Military Science and to compensate for the distances involved in sending auxiliaries to the Royal Academy from the border duchies Grand Duke Degwin Zabi and Duke Hari Seldon are pleased to announce the construction of an Academy of the Military Arts in order to train combat engineers, medical orderlies, and artillerists in their duties and to provide advanced martial training to those who wish to further their combative prowess.

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Iin recent years there has been a growth in the number of knights within the Zabi Demesne, the sources of this can be laid squarely at the ‘Zabi Civil War’ that until my father’s generation blighted our Grand Duchy and caused much death and destruction. In this time of conflict many new baronies were created and many new knights were enfeoffed, and many esquires given grants of land. Now that the Civil War is over and peace has once more returned to the Demesne the time has come for a study to be enacted into the knight and the esquire, their training, their lifestyles, and the groups to which they belong.

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Bby Royal Decree it shall henceforth be known that the following subjects have been appointed by His Royal Majesty after a thorough application process as Ambassadors and Royal Envoys respectively. Through these appointments it is the intent and hope of His Royal Majesty that the relations between the Kingdom of Nirath and the other domains respectively shall be strengthened and foster new friendships to come.

  • To the royal court of Tryggr: Ambassador Astrid van Mauve and Ambassador Kenneth DeWynter.
  • To the royal court of Arkadia: Royal Envoy Alazar.
  • To the royal court of Terenia: Royal Envoy Yui Tui.

Long live Nirath! Long live King Dragor! May his flame burn forever.

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From Saw’ahya, the serene Count of Cherrug, blessed of Angelica and the black tulip, to his Grace Usifan, the just and wise grand Duke of Usifan:

Bblessing be upon you and your household in the name of Angelica and under the auspices of the Tulip, our eternal emblem and light in the darkest of places. Dilmunia grows ever in wealth and prestige through our patron goddess and the wisdom of our Duke, whom we serve with all our hearts and souls.

We who are the faithful and humble servants of the Grand Duchy, sworn to uphold the faith and the tenets of the Grand Order of the Flock, protecting our people and laying down our lives, if necessary rejoice in the favour shown in our land and citizens, praying that Angelica and the Qin continue to bestow their blessing upon us.

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Tthe largely known Oracle has discovered a heartbreaking secret of Nirath.

Oracle is spreading the word of our master plan to become a global empire. No one knows how he could have discovered it, but he figured out that our future glider war industry will be closely related to the siege weapon development. This was one of our most valued and deeper secrets but, due to the significant effort of Oracle, this is not a secret anymore.

The last royal statement says: “It’s our clear intention to use suicidal fanatics with explosive gliders to destroy the fundations of the other kingdoms.  There’s no wall that can stop our Glider special forces. We call them the GSSTF (Glider suicidal special trebucheted forces)”.

Soon you’ll hear their hymn falling from the skyes, The Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii song.

Look at the skies and fear them, the rain of fanatical suicide Glider bombers are coming.


Dear Reader I suspect you are wondering what a chapter regarding the dishonourable act of espionage is doing in a book on the military arts. However a military leader must inform his decisions with information, lest he lay a trap for himself and for his men through ignorance. .

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My loyal reader, I have described to you the recruitment, training and equipping of the forces that you command and have shown you the optimal way to organise and deploy your forces to the field, now I set forth for your reading pleasure a brief primer on one of the specialities of military life that is of greatest import in military life, that of the military engineer.

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Tto all nobles and Aristocrats of the Kingdom, from Ariadna of the House Montcada, Countess of Tarsis.

Because of the compilation of the rich and marvelous history of the kingdom of Nirath, its domains and families, I , Ariadna Montcada, humbly request to all Lords, Sires and Ladies of the kingdom to share with me their stories, myths and legends in addition to their domains records to bring them together in the Chronicles of Nirath, which are meant to gather all the past deeds of the lands, families and organizations in a single group of books with the intention to make easier to know our own past and our neighbours.

To achieve that, I beg you all to send me the information or to contact with me to gather it myself.

Given in the city of Tarsis,

Ariadna Montcada

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