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It’s quiet in the court. The normally rambunctious proceedings are stilled. Paused awaiting word from beyond those doors. Doors behind which three kings and a bear have been in audience for nearly seven hours. Nirath’s new king Vittorio the Farmer sitting with his counterparts from Al-Khezam and Tryggr alongside the exiled bear from Arkadia who has won our hearts with his plight. The doors burst open and the kings stride from within. King Vittorio the First steps forward to give his first royal proclamation. Dearly beloved citizens, Recently we’ve seen the introduction of the new discord server in the EU community that has allowed us to become better acquainted with our neighbours. So far this server has been a great success with people joining from all over the world. However, it was not enough. The other kings and I have banded together and came up with something. Why should we limit just our social interaction to this sense of unity? Why not more? That’s why from here on out, we are proud to declare Bear Emperor Bearington our new glorious leader! All hail the bear and all hail the empire of Al-Niryggr! A moment of stunned silence before the chamber erupts into cheers …

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Tthe largely known Oracle has discovered a heartbreaking secret of Nirath.

Oracle is spreading the word of our master plan to become a global empire. No one knows how he could have discovered it, but he figured out that our future glider war industry will be closely related to the siege weapon development. This was one of our most valued and deeper secrets but, due to the significant effort of Oracle, this is not a secret anymore.

The last royal statement says: “It’s our clear intention to use suicidal fanatics with explosive gliders to destroy the fundations of the other kingdoms.  There’s no wall that can stop our Glider special forces. We call them the GSSTF (Glider suicidal special trebucheted forces)”.

Soon you’ll hear their hymn falling from the skyes, The Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii song.

Look at the skies and fear them, the rain of fanatical suicide Glider bombers are coming.