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Greetings, Nirathii.

Hhere we go again with another entry of mine! This one is highly sought after though because it hopefully will answer some of the questions that I keep getting hammered with. Why do we have no branches? Why there is no apparent structure within the Kingdom? HOW CAN I HOLD MAXIMUM POWER, MY LORD?! Well, that’s all good and well. Because now you might figure it out, at least I hope. Also do keep in mind, while reading this, most of the things said below are taking into account that the kingdom contains a large amount of people, So it does not make much sense if you think of us as a 50 man organization, or even a 100. (It is advised to read my previous entry, A King’s Dream, as I tackled the matter of numbers and population).

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Greetings, Nirathii!

Ii believe today you are in luck, (not really, just Thor hounding my arse) because I will be making a second post! I am sure you are like… whaaat a second post in one day?! Yep, I know!

This time I will be talking about my dream, and not in the sense of a glorious life goal kind of dream, but a dream that seems to be quite achievable, especially with your help, my beloved citizens, honest to god peasants, frisky nobles and evil Dukes. But before we do that, I’ll have to address a few things. I do understand there is a lack of information in the matters of structure of the kingdom, lack of named branches, and what do we stand for? Well, this post might just tell you what we do actually stand for, I at least hope so, because it’s more of dotting a journal than clarifying anything, but then again there is some sort of a purpose behind this lack of information, or some which might even call lack of plans. So here goes nothing! Continue Reading →

Dear, Nirathii.

Ssince this is my first post on the herald, I would like to welcome you all to the glorious kingdom of Nirath; a kingdom that is made to serve you and a proud home for all of us in the world of Elyria.

We are only at the beginning of our journey, and in the process of building what I hope to be an amazing place for the community. Nirath is not a guild, nor is it an organization. It is more than that. It is a gathering of like minded players and home to all of us, in preparation for whenever the world of Elyria opens it’s gates. I hope that this acts as a platform for players to meet, connect and organize their plans for Elyria, and at the same time grow the kingdom so that it may become an ideal location for their gaming experience for years to come. I believe this desire is shared with many members of our community. If Chronicles of Elyria delivers it’s promised potential, we could see tens of thousands of players on the same servers, and thousands of players in the kingdom of Nirath. I do believe the community will be larger than ever, especially when COE launches. Many will join us before then, and much more after. So I hope that we can establish the best place we can for all of those that are here today, and all of those that will come in the future.

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