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((Recently while suffering the aftereffects of a flashbang during a training exercise I started thinking about the different methodologies of law enforcement in the modern world, and the evolution of law in our world (specifically England and Wales) and began to think about how this would look in CoE. The following article is an adaptation of a mix of Medieval and Renaissance policing ideals with a bit of Victorian and modern theories intertwined and is written in character. As always actual in-game practices will be limited by the mechanics available.))

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In order to complement the Royal Academy of Military Science and to compensate for the distances involved in sending auxiliaries to the Royal Academy from the border duchies Grand Duke Degwin Zabi and Duke Hari Seldon are pleased to announce the construction of an Academy of the Military Arts in order to train combat engineers, medical orderlies, and artillerists in their duties and to provide advanced martial training to those who wish to further their combative prowess.

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Iin recent years there has been a growth in the number of knights within the Zabi Demesne, the sources of this can be laid squarely at the ‘Zabi Civil War’ that until my father’s generation blighted our Grand Duchy and caused much death and destruction. In this time of conflict many new baronies were created and many new knights were enfeoffed, and many esquires given grants of land. Now that the Civil War is over and peace has once more returned to the Demesne the time has come for a study to be enacted into the knight and the esquire, their training, their lifestyles, and the groups to which they belong.

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