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My dear reader, I was recently at court invited to write an article regarding the social structure of Nirath, unfortunately, the complexities of our society cannot be unleashed in a single broadsheet and set loose to sow confusion even among those who should know better. While we, of course, understand the written and unwritten rules within our society I feel it unfair to future generations and to visiting foreigners to condense a native’s comprehension into a thousand words and so I present a series on The Five Estates of Nirath for you dear reader. We define these estates as Those Who Rule, Those Who Pray, Those Who Work, Those Who Travel and Those Who Fight. Each estate has a function within society and each is important in its own sphere. In this series, I shall examine each estate how they interact with each other and a ruler’s relation to them. In this part I will discuss Those Who Rule ((This is mostly an exploration of feudalism in a fantasy setting with some leadership and governance tips thrown in. Obviously, each tribe has its own cultural foibles which unfortunately takes some of the strategies of government out of the hands of the …

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