In my travels across our fair kingdom, on both court and personal business, I have visited every duchy and sampled the great variety of foods that exist within our realm. In this series, I will show you how to create some of Nirath’s best dishes found in homes, taverns, and feasts across the kingdom.

In this part, I will show you how to prepare and serve Salt-Grilled Salmon

About This Dish:

Salt-Grilled Salmon is a surprisingly simple dish given how good it tastes. Though variations of this recipe can be found almost anywhere you can find salmon, the need for fresh fish tends to limit it to coastal regions such as Asebe’ia Thunar from whence this particular recipe hails. This dish is served in many of the seafood restaurants in Wenport, and I suggest a spring visit in order to take in the fresh sea air while eating this salmon dish as the days turn longer.


You will require (measurements for ingredients are given in Imperial (UK) measurements (please note these are different from US customary measurements)):


4 salmon fillets about one inch thick with skin

1 1/2 teaspoons of fine sea salt

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil


Set the salmon on a cooling rack inside of a rimmed baking tray and sprinkle the fillets all over with the sea salt and chill uncovered for between two and five hours. Heat a grill to medium high and fold a 12-by 20-inch sheet of heavy-duty foil in half crosswise. With a knife tip, poke small holes in the foil about two inches apart. Oil one side of the foil and rub the fish all over with oil. Set the foil with oiled side up on a cooking grate and set the fillets slightly separated, skin side down, onto the foil. Grill the salmon until the fish is barely cooked through, which should take between seven and twelve minutes.Then with a wide spatula, slide fish from skin to a platter and tent with foil. Cook the skin on the foil until crisp, which should take no more than three minutes, and then remove the foil from the grill. Gently peel the skin from the foil using a spatula or your fingers, don’t worry if the skill breaks into pieces, and serve the salmon and crispy skin.


This recipe can be made with any sea fish. In particular, mackerel makes a good substitution for salmon and is more commonly available.

Serving Suggestions

This is best served with sushi rice and a slice of citrus fruit with a bowl of miso soup. To drink I would suggest a light beer, or dry white wine.