Iin my travels across our fair kingdom, on both court and personal business, I have visited every duchy and sampled the great variety of foods that exist within our realm. In this series, I will show you how to create some of Nirath’s best dishes found in homes, taverns, and feasts across the kingdom.

In this part, I will show you how to prepare and serve Sausage Scrambled Eggs

((I’m trying a new style with this, adding several pictures let me know how it goes, I’ll probably do a mix of this style and the old single picture style as we go on))

About This Dish:

Sausage scrambled eggs is a common breakfast meal throughout the kingdom. Filling for a hard day of work this dish is often used by soldiers and nobles expecting a long day’s travel or fight. This particular recipe was given to me by the castle chef of Baron Lech and is apparently a firm favourite of the good Baron and his troops.

You will require (measurements for ingredients are given in Imperial (UK) measurements (please note these are different from US customary measurements)):

6 sausages of any type.

4 medium eggs

2 tsp butter

2 drops chilled water



First slice the sausages into 1/2 inch disks as shown in the image above. Add the sausages into a preheated pan and cook until done. While the sausages cook crack the eggs into a container and whisk vigorously until the yoke and the white have combined adding pepper and salt to taste. Giving a mixture similar to the one below.

Once the sausages are fully cooked remove them from the pan and add the butter to the remains of the sausages and their juices left behind mixing the butter with the juices as it melts.

Then add the two drops of chilled water to the egg mixture before pouring the mix into the pan stirring continuously until the eggs are fully cooked. Then re-add the sausages to the pan for 30 second mixing the egg and sausage together.


Variations on this recipe mainly alter the sausage used. I personally prefer to use apple sausages or strong peppered sausages as it mixes well with the taste of the eggs, though this is a matter of personal taste

Serving Suggestions

This breakfast is usually served with some type of grain such as barley and often some vegetables. Some nobles have been known to serve the mixture on toasted bread or even just plain in a bowel as a meal on its own.