Tthis year for Nirath Day we’re doing something different at the Herald. Rather than astound you with some fictional story from our community’s past or some encouragement to enter into a celebration or competition with us we’re going to step back from our characters and talk about how far Nirath has come in the two years since our founding.

Before we begin in earnest I want to thank all of you who took the time to fill in the Herald’s Grand Survey. The Survey itself has provided some very good data about the way that the community sees itself. The Herald is going to run several more surveys as game information is released and development progresses to see how Nirath’s vision changes over time and we hope that you will take the time to engage in those surveys in the coming months and years.

Also, I know I’m two days early on the release of this but I’m not going to be around on the 18th so I’m releasing this a little early to let you all get hyped for the Day itself.


The Journey So Far

Two years ago a man made a choice. He had been a part of a community following a group of game devs talking about their dream game, a game now being kickstarted. He’d talked to devs, to the fledgeling community of Elyrians, to his friends within that community and that man made his choice. He was Dragor and he chose to become the first king of Elyria. In the two years since Dragor became the first man brave enough to take the plunge and show the world exactly how much he believed in the Elyrian project, our kingdom and our community has had its ups and downs. We’ve seen kingdoms and communities fall to the inevitability of their own ruler’s incompetence, we’ve seen paid for kingdoms rise around us both friendly, and less so. We’ve lost a duke who became a king and we’ve grown in numbers and in spirit.

The first months of our kingdom’s founding were an interesting time, with many defections (including my own) from Zygethia and other pre-Kickstarter proto-kingdoms and a sense of awe and a amazement that the Chronicles of Elyria had blown past its Kickstarter goals by a considerable margin. In the summer of ’16, Nirath fought its first war albeit in the forums, without any actual fighting, and dragged into it by a megalomaniac not of our kingdom. Our forum war over and the pledge store now open Nirath grew once more as people who had missed the Kickstarter began to join CoE and our, at that time, only pledged king on the EU Server. Many of our members took this opportunity to upgrade their pledges as communities all around us became real kingdoms and began themselves to expand. During these first six months, we also began to discuss the structure and shape of the Nirath that Dragor wanted to see, a vision that the Royal Court still attempts to adhere to.

In December of 2016 we sent our first ambassadors to other kingdoms, some more successfully than others, as the community building and diplomacy aspects of CoE began to ramp up on the forums. It is during this time more than any other that the state of diplomatic affairs on the EU server was set. While it may seem bizarre that actions one and a half years ago can have such a profound effect in a game that has yet to be released this proves the passion of the CoE community and helps with one of the main tenets of the game – that deeds have consequences.

In 2017 we saw the first Kickstarterversery and the first attempt at a Nirath Day celebration, we also started learning more about tribes and how our lives would be affected by them and held our first sets of polls and started preparing for a land selection that never came. One of the biggest changes in 2017 was the removal of nobility pledges from the store finalising the number of nobles (bar some pledges in this month’s sales) on all the servers.

So far 2018 has been a year of slow growth and patient waiting but we’re not even halfway done yet.


The Herald

The Herald has had an interesting year with 16 articles released since last Nirath Day (we try for once a month (not always successfully)) these articles have been on subjects as diverse as cooking, satire, heraldry and the various minor dramas on the EU server.

In this coming year we intend to increase our output and the diversity of our articles – as such we are looking to recruit new writers for both factual news stories regarding the Selene Server and CoE in general, theory crafters with knowledge of medieval practices, and fiction writers willing to share their stories with the world. If you are interested please DM me (Chip Lawrie) on Discord and we’ll try and get you set up with Thor’s assistance.


The Grand Survey of Nirath

The Grand Survey is the first comprehensive survey of Nirath, focusing on more than just one subject and looking to see what people intend to do with their CoE experience and where they want to live. The results of this survey have been made available to the Royal Court and limited statistics may be shared with any person or organisation who has legitimate cause to need the statistics. We are going to be setting up some more surveys in the future focusing on certain aspects such as kingdom preference (both pre- and post- map reveal), various surveys on taxation and professions and some more demographic linked surveys.


Tribes and Living Space

Unsurprisingly over a third of respondents state Neran as their first with Kypiq and Waerd being overwhelmingly the most disliked. Proportionally more Nobility dislike the Waerd and more aristocracy and gentry dislike the Kypiq. Over 80% of Nirathi are willing to remain in Nirath even if they are forced to play a suboptimal tribe, however, a good sign since Nirath chooses last.

While most of Nirath is ambivalent towards most terrain features, rivers (both large and small), coastlines, unique resources and lakes all are strongly prefered by all social classes. The Aristocracy somewhat unsurprisingly is in favour of heavily urbanised realms while counts prefer greater resource indicators (mountains, hills, forests etc). All social classes are unified in a strong desire for a good road network with a third of respondents requiring a good road network for their chosen playstyle.

Other terrain features that were required for a chosen playstyle in a high degree were large rivers, coasts, and forests. These choices can help those members of Nirath who are voting for map selection determine (at whenever such time as map selection occurs) and allow the ruling classes to see which lands are most desirable for those who will become their citizens. As we progress towards KoE and Exposition surveys will focus more on what improvements players would like to see in their potential living areas allowing our nobility and aristocracy to improve their domains in a useful manner.



Nirath is a kingdom of extremely diverse professional interests with the given options not deviating in popularity from each other overly much. Agriculture is the least popular choice (sorry Vittorio) trailing behind deviancy and mining. Our most popular profession’s are settlement management and scholarship.

Among the Nobility, the deviation between most and least popular professions widens. Unsurprisingly the professions of settlement management, scholarship and politics are the most popular and the manual trades such as farming, crafting, mining and woodsmanship fall are the least popular. The Aristocracy and Gentry paint a more well-rounded picture though, of course, the Aristocracy are more likely to prefer settlement management and more sedate professions while the Gentry are more likely to attempt to explore and travel. When asked about their willingness to volunteer for some form of part-time militia the majority of Nirathi were in favour of volunteering. The percentage in favour drops off the higher in social class one goes although it always remains above the percentage that would make a militia unviable. Expect some form of discussion in future days on how this might or might not work.


Final Words

At the end of this brief retrospective, I’d like to thank all of you for continuing to read my infrequent works of questionable merit for yet another year and to say that I look forward to forcing them upon you for yet another year as Nirath grows, prospers and waits. I hope you enjoy the State of the Kingdom post that Rhaegys is slaving away at right now and most of all:

Happy Nirath Day from the Herald!